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Royal Wedding Flowers Donated to Hospice Patients

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Royal Wedding Flowers Donated to Hospice Patients

While the recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had people buzzing all over the world, one local group participated in the festivities in a very special and surprising way. The day after the big wedding, St. Joseph’s Hospice revealed that the flowers used to decorate St. George’s Chapel had been turned into bouquets and donated to its patients.

“Today we got a very special delivery,” the hospice wrote in a Facebook post. “A big thank you to Harry and Meghan and florist Phillippa Craddock. Our hospice smells and looks gorgeous. Such a lovely gesture”. Facebook users have liked the post, which features a smiling woman holding a bright bouquet of flowers, more than 7,400 times and shared it more than 4,000 times.

The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose their flowers carefully, according to People magazine:

“Harry and Meghan’s flowers carried special significance even before they were donated after this week’s nuptials. Among the different kinds of plants were white garden roses, beloved by the late Princess Diana. (Meghan’s wedding bouquet included a reference to her late mother-in-law as well, featuring forget-me-nots, another Diana favorite.)”

There’s no doubt the patients receiving these blooms found them just as special.

Hospice an Important Cause for the Royal Family

This donation should come as no surprise to dedicated royal-watchers. The Duke of Sussex’s own mother, the late Princess Diana, was an ardent supporter of the hospice movement. Herself opening a number of facilities around Great Britain. And today, the Duchess of Cambridge makes supporting children’s hospices one of her four official royal patronages. So this act serves as a continuation of the royal family’s long history of support for hospice providers and their patients.

You Can Help Hospice Patients Too

This kind act by the royal family is a timely reminder that hospice patients benefit from the kindness and generosity of their community. Even if you’re not a royal, simple acts like donating flowers or sitting and talking with patients help to brighten their final days. What’s more, there’s a hospice facility near you with ample volunteer opportunities. Phoenix residents can learn more about volunteer opportunities with Southland hospice by visiting our volunteer page. Together we can make our communities stronger, more connected, and more empathetic by serving our neighbors as they deal with life-limited illnesses.