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According to a recent study, the family members of cancer patients who received hospice care for longer periods of time reported higher satisfaction than patients who had less care.
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Report: Longer Hospice Care Improves Family Satisfaction

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Report: Longer Hospice Care Improves Family Satisfaction

According to the results from a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the families of cancer patients who received hospice care for longer time periods reported higher satisfaction in end of life outcomes than families of patients who received shorter care.

Hospice Care vs. Non Hospice Care

As part of the study, researchers interviewed over 2,000 families of deceased cancer patients who did and did not receive hospice care. They compared results in areas including symptom relief, quality of care, and the fulfillment of patient wishes. Researchers also examined the relationship between length of hospice stay and a positive or negative outcome.

While families of hospice patients reported more pain than those not in hospice care, they were also more likely to report their patient received “just the right amount” of pain medication and help with breathing difficulties. These hospice care families also reported that their patient’s end of life wishes were followed and that they were given “excellent” end of life care. Families who received more than 30 days of hospice care reported the highest quality end of life outcomes.

At the end of their study, the authors concluded that, “Hospice care is associated with better symptom relief, patient-goal attainment, and quality of [end of life] care. Encouraging earlier and increased hospice enrollment may improve [end of life] experiences for patients with cancer and their families.”

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This study further reinforces the important role hospice care plays in the lives of both patients and families. If you need more information about your hospice care options in the greater Phoenix area, contact Southland Hospice today. We’re committed to improving quality of life by exceeding patient and family expectations and encouraging patient choice. Our hospice team – including physicians, nurses, social workers, and counselors – will help you and your loved ones navigate this difficult life event with quality care and genuine compassion. You don’t have to do it alone.