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Hospice Helps Patients and their Families

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Hospice Helps Patients and their Families

Hospice is a very specialized type of care meant to help patients with an imminent, terminal diagnosis. These providers work to ensure a patient’s end-of-life wishes are carried out and that their quality-of-life is as high as possible throughout. But hospice care can benefit more than just the patient. Often, family members find the hospice process to be invaluable as they come to terms with their own loss.

A Deliberate Process

Hospice seeks to make patients as comfortable as possible during their final days. This means hospice patients are often more able to interact with their loved ones in deliberate ways. They can focus on their close relationships and have those important final conversations with the people who matter most . And many times, hospice care takes place in the patient’s own home, which can be a much more comfortable environment for everyone involved.

Hospice can give patients and their families time to accept what’s happening and move through the process together. When this happens, it can be just a bit easier to face life after a family member passes away.

A Supportive Team

In addition to the supportive nature of the process itself, hospice teams can offer valuable help to family members as they grieve. A typical hospice team consists of physicians, nurses, social workers, bereavement counselors, and clergy members who each provide their own piece of the care puzzle.

Social workers help negotiate the maze of benefits available to survivors. Bereavement counselors guide family through the complicated process of grief. Clergy help patients and survivors come to terms with the important spiritual questions that come with death. At its best, hospice places a group of professional caregivers and volunteers around patients and family members to offer care, support, and guidance.

Final Care

This focused support pays tremendous dividends as family members move past their losses. That’s why you often hear stories about people who become strong hospice advocates after they’ve experienced it firsthand. There’s something powerful – and perhaps even healing – about the process.

If you’d like to learn more about hospice care and how it can support families during a loved one’s final days, contact Southland Hospice today at (602)-497-4100. We proudly serve families in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and would be honored to assist you during this important time.