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Hospice Stay Lengths

Why Are Hospice Stay Lengths Falling?

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our patients and their families is, "we wish we would've known about hospice sooner." This is both encouraging and heartbreaking feedback. It's encouraging, in that patients and families see real benefits from their time in hospice....

Arizona Hospice

Hospice Care Questions Answered

The concept of hospice care was first introduced to the U.S. in the mid-1960's, and in the intervening years, the number of Americans receiving care has increased dramatically. In 1982, for example, hospice served only 25,000 people. Thirty years later, 1.6 million people received care. And...

death arizona hospice

Death and Hospice Care

The way we approach dying in America has changed dramatically over the course of a generation, and it has a lot to do with changes in how we live. Since 1970, the average life expectancy in the United States increased by nearly a decade. Of...

dying arizona senior

The Symptoms of Dying

We recently came across two remarkable articles written by Dr. Sara Manning Peskin for The New York Times describing what she refers to as, "The Symptoms of Dying." Her first piece reviews in great detail the common physical symptoms that accompany dying. By contrast, her second article explores...

Arizona Hospice Terminal Illness

5 Things to do After a Loved One Receives a Terminal Diagnosis

When someone you love receives a terminal diagnosis, your world can change overnight. It's natural to feel helpless in these situations. After all, if a doctor can't fix the problem, what could you possibly do? But there are simple steps you can take in the...

hospice nursing phoenix arizona

Hospice Nursing is a Special Calling

By design, good hospice programs focus on patient and family care first. And rightly so. End-of-life transitions can be painful events for everyone involved, and a dose of quality care in those difficult moments can go a long way in easing that pain. That is,...