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Hospice Insights


Bereavement Counseling Offers A Path Through Grief

Hospice is - first and foremost - patient centered. At its core, Hospice is a philosophy of care dedicated to providing comfort and improving quality-of-life for patients during their most vulnerable moments. As these patients pass through their final transitions, their hospice experience ends. But for the...

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Palliative Care is Better End-of-Life Care

Just a few days ago, The New York Times' Upshot Blog published a piece written by Dhruv Khullar exploring how our society falls short in conversations surrounding death and dying. We've explored this idea in previous posts, but because The Upshot focuses more on the data...


Hospice: Caring for Body and Spirit

In a hospital setting, end of life care is almost always about the body. Doctors diagnose how it's failing and work to support those functions for as long as possible. When those efforts fail, doctors can do little more than provide a physical relief from pain. This is...

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When is it Time to Begin Hospice Care?

Earlier this month The Huffington Post published a first-person essay by author Marie Marley about her experience with hospice care. Marley spent time as a caregiver for her partner during his battle with Alzheimer's Disease, and was initially reluctant to engage hospice services towards the end of his...

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Hospice Helps Patients and their Families

Hospice is a very specialized type of care meant to help patients with an imminent, terminal diagnosis. These providers work to ensure a patient's end-of-life wishes are carried out and that their quality-of-life is as high as possible throughout. But hospice care can benefit more than just...

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Talking About Death is the First Step Towards Accepting It

Recently we came across this outstanding 2010 New Yorker article entitled "Letting Go," written by surgeon and public health researcher Atul Gawande. In the article, the author takes an in-depth look at how Americans and the healthcare industry fail to face issues of death and dying. In...

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Become a Hospice Volunteer Today

We all know altruism makes us feel good, but did you know performing selfless acts for someone else can actually improve physical health? According to Psychology Today: Research has discovered that helping others can not only improve your mental health, it also can improve your physical well-being. Studies...


7 Reasons Nurses Love Working for Southland Hospice

As highly skilled and in-demand workers, Registered Nurses often have their pick of employers. While hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices might be natural places a nurse begins looking for work, the facility environment just doesn’t suit everyone. As part of our mission to provide high-quality in-home...

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Report: Longer Hospice Care Improves Family Satisfaction

According to the results from a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the families of cancer patients who received hospice care for longer time periods reported higher satisfaction in end of life outcomes than families of patients who received shorter care. Hospice Care...

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Addressing Common Myths About Hospice Care

Conversations surrounding end of life are often considered taboo. It’s a byproduct of a culture that lacks a healthy perspective on death. While that’s not ideal, it’s the world we live in. Unfortunately when you’re speaking of hospice care, the subject of death cannot be...