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Embracing You and Your Loved Ones for Compassionate End of Life Care
Why Choose Southland?

We aim to improve quality of life by exceeding patient and family expectations of quality and coordination of care and encouraging patient choice. Our Hospice Team is committed to providing comfort and dignity through physical, emotional, and spiritual support. As health professionals, we are dedicated to educating the community about the benefits and effective use of Hospice.

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Medical Director

Our board certified medical directors coordinate all aspects of care with your primary care physician and act as a resource for other hospice team members.

Hospice Nurse

Licensed nurses are trained to administer medication, monitor and control pain levels, and manage symptoms.

Hospice Aide

Licensed aides are responsible for all aspects of a patient’s personal care including bathing, dressing, skin care, and toileting.

Social Worker

Social Workers help patients and their loved ones by identifying appropriate community resources and helping with future planning.


Our chaplains administer to the spiritual needs of our patients and their family members according to their own wishes and traditions.

Bereavement Counselor

Counselors walk family members through the grieving process in one-on-one or group settings.


Trained volunteers help family members with tasks such as errands or by providing respite periods for caregivers.

Rehabilitative Therapists

If you might benefit from occupational, physical, dietary, or speech therapy, we can arrange for rehabilitative therapy professionals to assist in your care.


The purpose of Southland Hospice is to deliver quality care by a team of professionals who will provide comprehensive Hospice services for our patients and families in the setting where they feel most comfortable.


If you have questions about our approach to Hospice or think you or someone you love needs our care, give us a call us at (602) 497-4100 or fill out our contact form and one of our care team members will help.