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7 Reasons Nurses Love Working for Southland Hospice


7 Reasons Nurses Love Working for Southland Hospice

As highly skilled and in-demand workers, Registered Nurses often have their pick of employers. While hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices might be natural places a nurse begins looking for work, the facility environment just doesn’t suit everyone.

As part of our mission to provide high-quality in-home hospice care, Southland Hospice is always looking for qualified Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses in the greater Phoenix area. What makes Southland Hospice special? Our employees find that our unique work environment satisfies their need for freedom and flexibility. Based on feedback from our employees, here are the top reasons why they prefer working at Southland Hospice versus a facility environment:

1. Flexible Full & Part Time Schedules

At traditional facilities, most nurses are required to work full 12 hour shifts and if you’re low on the seniority list, many of those hours come during the swing or night shifts. At Southland Hospice, your schedule is flexible. You can visit a patient and run an important errand before going to your next appointment. This also provides valuable time for picking kids up from school along with the many other responsibilities of working parents. Our environment is also ideal for students. We offer part time shifts, which makes combining school and your career much easier.

2. Change of Scenery

Are you the type of person who feels cooped-up after a long day inside? If so, hospice could be the perfect fit. Because we care for our patients in their own homes, our nurses get to enjoy changing scenery every day and avoid the drudgery of the same environment day after day.

3. Flexible Holidays

As an RN or LPN without seniority, you can all but write your holidays off. But at Southland Hospice, our nurses work fewer holidays than they would at a facility. Imagine spending more of that precious time with your family and friends instead of at work!

4. Less Weekend Work

At Southland Hospice our nurses only work weekends during infrequent on-call rotations. At most facilities, nurses usually work every other weekend. That’s more guaranteed time for soccer games, important errands, and most importantly, relaxation.

5. No Forced Overtime

We don’t require our nurses to work any longer than their normal shift. That means your hours will be consistent and predictable week-in and week-out. Compared to hospital work where you may have no choice but to work overtime and miss out on important events, that predictability is important.

6. Ability to Make More Money

Our nurses have the unique ability to control their income by choosing to add extra shifts. Facility employees often have a fixed income unless they’re forced to work overtime, but with Southland Hospice those decisions can be in your hands.

7. More Time with Family

Perhaps more importantly, because of our consistent scheduling, no forced overtime, and only occasional weekend work, our nurses enjoy more time with their loved ones. And you just can’t put a price tag on that.

Contact Us Today

If you’re a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse who’s passionate about caring for hospice patients, we’d love to talk to you i You can search and apply for all Southland Hospice’s open positions by visiting our job listing board on our website. If you value your freedom and your family time, we think you’ll find our company to be the perfect fit.